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Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Hello readers, we will learn how we can create our own Music Player Assistant using Python TKinter. So let's see how we can implement it.

Steps of creating Assistant

  • Create an assistant using Python code

  • Music Player GUI

  • Integrate Assistant with Music Player GUI

Requirements of this project, install it using "pip install -r requirements.txt"

Now, we need to create an assistant for the Music Player. But before that create a folder named "Songs" in your working directory. Now create subdirectories into it, now put songs according to your choice in each subdirectory. It will be our playlists for Music Player Assistant.

Your folder Hierarchy should be like this.

- Music_Player_Assistant
    -- Songs
        --- Playlist1
            ---- 1.mp3
            ---- A.mp3
        --- Playlist2
            ---- 2.mp3
            ---- B.mp3
        --- Playlist3
            ---- 3.mp3
            ---- C.mp3
        --- Playlist4
            ---- 4.mp3
            ---- D.mp3
    -- [--Assistant--]

Now let's code ""

Now run this code, it will automatically fetch the playlist name from the Songs folder, you need to say the name of the playlist, it will launch the playlist into our Music Player GUI.

Let's see the output.

It will launch the GUI of our Music Player.

The functionality of our GUI Music Player.

  • Better Looking GUI

  • Pause/Play Supported

  • Add/Delete songs from Playlist

  • Previous/Next song function

  • Time duration of song / next song displays

  • List of all the songs.

  • Adjust Volume

  • Automatically Playing in Queue

  • Play Selected song from Playlist

See the official documentation for more information.

Pypi for installation

Github for the code [ - Give 🌟 to my repository -]

Explanation tutorial video

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