Py-Cowin | Find #Vaccination Center using #Python #Streamlit

Hello readers, in this blog we are going to learn about how we can fetch the Vaccination center information using Python. So let's start.

We have created a project called Py-Cowin. It is an open-source project, code is available on GitHub. It is built using web-scraping and Streamlit.

Features of Py-Cowin

  • Pin & District wise searching🔍

  • Age filter

  • Vaccine Type filter

  • Free / Paid filter

  • Date picker

  • Beautiful UI

  • Download the search report in CSV

Steps of creating Project

  • Fetch States for District wise filter

  • Fetch Center using Pincode for Pin wise filter

  • Fetch Districts according to the States

  • Fetch the Vaccination center using Requests

  • Store data in Dataframe using Pandas

  • Clean the data and apply user filtration

  • Make data reports that users can download

Requirements of Project


Now, let's see the code, it is lengthy and difficult to understand, I have made a separate tutorial on it, you can check the link below.

Now let's see the code & output

All the running instructions for running & installation are given in my GitHub, let's see some screenshots.

Districts wise search

Pin-code wise search


Py-Cowin GitHub

See the full tutorial below.


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